Recharging the battery

My birthday is in the month of July, which was always the perfect excuse for my parents to gift me useful things such as school supplies.
By the time I finished 3rd grade of high school we were informed to buy a more advanced and quite expensive graphic calculator for the next year.
Obviously that was part of my birthday gifts, along with a pack of re-chargeable batteries and a charger πŸ˜€

My dad was also immediately excited to explain me theory behind rechargeable batteries and that might have been my final motivation to study electrical engineering.

A few years later when I finished my education and started working for a manager, who unlike other managers was a really cool person and an engineer too.
When I announced to him that I was going on holidays, he said to me “Make sure to recharge your battery”.
I told him the story of why I choose to study engineering. He grinned.

It is true though. Taking some time is necessary.
I am currently at the point where little things annoy me.
Yesterday a pack of rice fell on the floor. Usually I’d take the vacuum and in one minute everything is back to normal. But at this point, it made me so angry that I started shouting and swearing at the floor.
And the rice just ignored me, which made me even angrier πŸ˜‰

It’s time to get away and recharge the battery.

Not form blogging though, I will try to keep it up πŸ™‚
We are leaving tomorrow to Canada. If you like, I will post some pictures on Instagram, so you can follow me on there: benkonator90

Also, of course I am taking my little buddies with me on my suitcase:









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