Simple phrases like “Have a fun trip”, “Sweet dreams” and “Have a good day” we say without thinking.
Unfortunately, I think think too much about them.
Your interpretation of “fun”, “sweet” and “good” for sure are much different than mine.

Let’s take an example of “Have a fun trip”.

For most people my age that is going to the most touristic place, take many pictures, photoshop them until you hit one million likes on social media, shop till you drop, don’t move away from the beach during the day and party all night.

For my parents that is enjoy everything, but be very careful how you spend your well earned money. It’s better to eat and sleep in a cheaper place.

I simply cannot (and don’t feel the need to) comply with these expectations and opinions.

I am, however, very lucky to have found that one person in life whom I’m pretty much aligned about the definitions “fun”, “sweet” and “good”.

Have a fun trip means that we have saved money to eat in good restaurants and sleep in comfortable hotels.  That we are going to have our holidays in a season when most tourists have left. And that we skip partying and go discover nature instead.

Sweet dreams means that we are going to fall asleep as peaceful as possible, but if that for some reason doesn’t work, or I have my occasional nightmares, we simply hold each or talk to each other until we’re both calm again.

Having a good day means just do your work as required and we will meet in the evening to prepare dinner together and eat while watching our favorite series or just talk and laugh generally.

As for people who work for a boss, October is usually the month where you will be reviewed on your performances. Have you met THEIR (management’s level) expectations? You probably haven’t.
But only because they are impossible to meet.
Therefore, whoever has to go through that, I do want to wish you the best of luck. 

If you want, share you story. I have been there and I have, despite my effort, just never been good enough. 


















12 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Yes, these cliches mean something different to everyone. And that’s what makes them so useful. You have shown that so clearly.


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