2 months of blogging – learnings

Today, apparently, it is the 2 months anniversary of my blog – balloons.

I’m not ready to write a “blog advice” blog, but there are some remarkable things I’ve noticed which are worth mentioning.

The blog which got the most likes,  I guess that’s how we measure popularity , was the one I wrote at the very beginning.
Back when I was the proud owner of 7 followers.

This is the one thing that actually “sucks” about blogging.
In the beginning you have so many ideas and you write many wonderful stories, but unfortunately, you don’t have the audience.
Recently I scrolled through my site and saw some very low numbers.
I felt so embarrassed, or disappointed maybe, that I trashed them.

Compliments ” is one those that I did the “CTRL C + CTRL V” trick on.
That’s the one currently leading in likes.

Interaction is important.
If you like blogging, you must like reading.
And while you’re reading, why not leave a like or comment.

Stories from others are my number 1 inspiration to write my own stuff.
I might agree or disagree with their opinion and write about.
Sometimes, not their initial topic, but just a random word in their blog can give me the creativity I needed.

Therefore, I would encourage any of my readers to use my topics as motivation to write your own version!

Other ways I use to come up with topics to write about are:

I think about any emotions, memories, victories and try to see if I can make connections of events in my life.   

I secretly overhear conversations others have at work, on the street or in public transport. 
You thought I was listening to music with my large headphones on, didn’t you 😉

Some inspiration I get from movies or books.

Another thing I appreciate from bloggers is that they somewhere post a picture of themselves. Or at least, a clue whether they are male/female and which age category they belong to.

As for me, I initially started this blog to make money. I was starting to believe that I  do not fit into a “business world” where impossible targets are required from you.
So, why not make money of something you love?
I actually did put a link to paypal in my website, just to see what would happen.

How many of you have started blogging to make money?

Things have changed in the past few months.
I now blog because it’s therapy for me and because I have never “met” friendlier people than on here.

You guys are encouraging and kind.
And just want to say thanks for that 🙂

34 thoughts on “2 months of blogging – learnings

  1. I started blogging because someone asked me to post the journaling I used to do of my devotions – after reading one I sent them.
    Wasn’t in it for the numbers – very occasionally i get one that gets a hundred or two hits. I know my thoughts are too – different for most mainstream Christians, and too completely odd for those who don’t know God’s love…. yet.
    What matters most is when someone tells me – hey, that helped me in this or that.

    having said that – I like your writing style, and how you look at life!

    Thanks for writing!

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    1. I like your posts too. However, sometimes a bit difficult to understand, maybe because English isn’t my native language.
      I always like your comments on my posts. They stimulate brain activity. So always thank you for that 🙂


  2. Congratulations sweet❤️ Blogging is therapy, it makes me calm. And right people here are much friendlier and better than the social networking sites. This one again is amazing post. And true I agree, my older posts have so low likes and comments, but it’s alright, I myself like my latest works. Will be waiting for your next one💞

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      1. Oh no. Please search for another job! I know it’s not easy, it took me 6 months.
        I am curently in the process all of forgetting all the shit they put me through, but I sometimes feel a mix of anger and sadness.
        Would it be possible to find another job in your field in a reasonable time?

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      2. No!! That’s the issue. Though I am thinking of a transfer, than that’s not easy too. I have a friend there with whom I am holding on,else I would have succumbed already.


  3. I started blogging because there were so many areas in which I wanted to track in my life. I still can’t figure out why my “Finally Friday” post is my most popular?


      1. Thank you! I’ll try to do that again:)
        The low numbers are tough to see, but I like at it as growth when compared to now:)


    1. Well, i suppose you can, cause it’s internet. But don’t exactly how.
      I added a link to a Paypal account and hope that someday a rich and bestselling witter one day invests in me 😅
      If I find a way to make money one day, you’ll be the first know how 💪

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  4. HI, for me blogging is therapy, and a way to connect with some really amazing people! I was worried about negativity or trolls-and so far, I have never met one! Perhaps I am just lucky to this point but I really like all the bloggers I have encountered. Money? no, never had that particular goal with my blog, but I have come across quite a few folks who are into promoting their business or selling some product. That is their right, so it doesn’t bug me too much (yet!). Love you site and honesty!


    1. Thank you for joining my website! It makes me very happy when people like my stories.
      And yes, most of the time they are very open and honest.
      I wish blogging could be my fulltime job, so money would be needed haha. But people’s appreciation for now is so much more satisfying 🙂

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