A friend is of mine is one of those lucky ducks.
She would participate in a radio, facebook or newspaper contest randomly and what do you know, she simply wins. Not very large things, but still, free t-shirts or tickets to a concert are always a nice surprise.

This is not me.
I often times think I wasn’t born to be lucky.
I make decision with my mind rather than with my heart.

Or maybe I just think with a Skeptical heart

Especially when it comes to financial businesses, I’ve always played it the save way.
I’d make sure I had a good saving plan and stick to it.
I never dared doing any large investments.
And even a simple bet was at the border of my morals.

These “wise” decisions have made me financially stable, but not particularly happy.
For the 2nd time in my life I have stayed too long at a job until it completely drained me.

I decided to change some things.

Even though I was 99% sure I was going to get the new job, there was always that 1% of uncertainty.
I was very scared, but I actually quit my job before I signed a new contract.
The feeling of relief was stronger than the doubts.

Even though I announced to the entire world we were going to have our holiday in Canada in this October, we actually didn’t book until 3 days ago.
I read somewhere that the best moment to book your trip is on a Tuesday ,6 weeks prior to your flight date. With only one week to go, we way past that stage.
Weirdly enough, the tickets only got cheaper with the days.

At one point, they were at the lowest price of 333 EURO.
I should have booked. But there was me, gambling.
The next day, the jumped up to 650 EURO.
There was me, crying and having a near heart attack.
Only one hour later they were back 360 EURO.
We booked without hesitation.
That was enough gambling for the entire year.

What about you, do you rather think with your mind or sometimes dare to take a gamble?


14 thoughts on “Gambling

  1. Are you a middle child…? Because if you are then that’s probably why… I am a middle child too. and I experience the same stroke of luck…or lack thereof… *facepalm…* that was total mumbo-jumbo just now…

    I have to think, re-think and overthink everything… humph…!

    nice post…

  2. I am actually the youngest one of two! But I heard a lot of the same theories about being a middle child! The only time I am able observe it is when I see my 3 nieces. The middle is super sweet but she seems like clumsy one.
    If you ever experience writer’s block, please to write about that! I’d be very interested!

  3. I am the elder one, that happens with me too. Life though is like that I guess. Sometimes you gamble and sometimes you simply jump on. Nicely written☺️

  4. The stupid heart of mine makes all the decision in my life…so everything is a gamble for me…the mind is almost always in a state of holiday😂😂😂
    I loved reading your post👍👍

  5. I am like you, I play it safe until I am drained. Then I take a leap of faith. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. At least you get yourself out of your rut.

  6. The only thing that gets met out of rut is a change of scenery, which usually are holidays. When I’m away from home and see and talk to other people, my perspective of life changes a bit too. Usually for the better.
    But as soon as things go back to day to day lifestyle, I am back to playing safe 😬

  7. I am a planner too.
    I believe this used to be a good thing. In life in general, but especially in a work environment.
    But today’s day this only means your not a “free spirit” or “spontaneous” or whatever the hipster youth has made it 😐

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