A smile says more than a thousand words

Does it really?

I am one those people who wakes up with a very dry mouth.
Naturally every word I speak makes me sound like a frog on acid.
I simply need some time to develop a regular tone.

To not sound like a creep, I usually smile to people in the morning.
Because, you know, a smile says more than a thousand words.

Some smile back.
Other would give me a sarcastic ” Well, a good morning to you too”.
Apparantly, my smile, doesn’t even say more than 2 words to them.

Another type is smile, is the digitale one.
We’d occasionally pop in a smiley to show how angry, in love or friendly we are.

A smile can be more genuine than a thousand words, indeed.

But is a smile always a confirmation?
You don’t sign a contract with just a smile.
And how many times we have heard “It wouldn’t hurt to hear you say that you love me”.
And if a smile would be enough, why they are so many “how to speak in front of an audience” courses.

I wish we could say everything with a smile.
But sometimes smiling is just not enough.


16 thoughts on “A smile says more than a thousand words

  1. I liked your quote about the smile saying more than a thousand words. 🙂
    I use to struggle for years with people who would complain “You’re always smiling! That’s not normal.” In the last few years it’s become “Smile sometime. You might like it.”
    It’s hard to make people happy either way.


    1. I completely recognize this!
      When my face on “neutral”, I have been told that I look confused, focused or angry and should smile a bit more. It made me very insecure about looks.
      But really, people just like to make a mean comment sometimes, it makes them popular.
      And indeed, it’s very hard to satisfy people.
      Thanks for your comment! It gave me inspiration for another blog 🙂🙂

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  2. Great read! Again!
    There are times where a smile isn’t enough,
    but neither are the words,
    that we struggle to say,
    doubting they will make a difference.

    Sometimes holding a hand,
    and simply crying alongside those who hurt
    is the best way to say I love and care about you.


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