Smoker’s interaction

Both my parents used to smoke for different reasons.
My dad just wanted to be part of the cool kids.
My mum started smoking when she started working. Smoking breaks were not deducted from the 8 hour working day, so anything for a few extra breaks.
As soon as they decided they wanted to have kids, they stopped and haven’t touched a cigarette ever since.

When I started high school, smart phones were not a thing yet.
Therefore, the only way to interact with people seemed like through smoking.
I used to practice a lot on how to start a conversation with someone.
How easy is that if you just go up to someone and ask “Can I borrow your lighter?”.
Somehow the smoking community is very supporting of each other and friendships are easier connected.

I guess that might have been the reason why so many of my classmates started smoking.



I just watched the episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Rachel started smoking to interact more with her boss.
Of course this were the 90’s and a lot has changed on the smoking policy and mentality (for the better).

But I remember that day my manager told me I should interact more and just join the “Friday afternoon beer” with the colleagues so I would get to know all ins & outs as well.
“You should see it as work”, he mentioned.
(Ok, if it’s work, you might want to pay me over hours????)

Isn’t it basically the same?
There is no harm in one beer, but I’m not going to drink with colleagues on a Friday afternoon.

This apparently is how communication works.
In a way, I think I could have improved a lot if I would have been a smoker/drinker, but does this count more than morals?

What do you guys think?























5 thoughts on “Smoker’s interaction

  1. Methinks, 🤔🤔🤔🤔the assertion for this has the reason, here that is not befitting for better and over all productiveness or efficacy , for eg interaction, interaction should come out of, feasibility not on accord of external driving force. For eg cigarettes or liquor, it’s intoxicating, anything of intoxicating is bad, simple it’s affect physiology of brain adversely and produce ill effects that causes regrets etc, etc. 👍☺️.


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