How do you handle (sudden) anger?

Anger can come two ways, either is expected or unexpected.

Although I think anger is a wasted emotion, sometimes it’s just the way it is.
There are a couple of people I am angry with.
Some I have the chance to avoid, some I have to work with.
For those I am prepared for anything they can say and I will be able to take it professionally.

But sometimes anger can surprise you.
I just experienced that.

I have been feeling frustrated with the public transport for quite some time now.
I rarely have place to stand, never mind sit.
Some people put on loud music.
It doesn’t smell great.
And literally one day a guy was smoking on the tram.

Today I got the chance to leave a bit earlier from work.
The only empty space available was next to two guys who decided to simply put their feet (with shoes on!) on the seat opposite to them.
Frustration hit again. I had one of those “I don’t care” moments and simply didn’t pay for my ticket.
I knew I was breaking the law, but I was trying to prove a point here (!!)

They usually don’t, but of course, today,  luck was not on my side and one of the ticket guys came to check our tickets.
I thought maybe if I would explain my story he would be mild, but they are not a non-profit organisation and fines from travelers will pay their extra week holidays at a sunny resort. 

There was simply no sympathy from his side.

Anger got the best of me and I told him “to find a real job which contributes to the society”.
I shouldn’t have. 

His conductor friends came to defend him.
It was 6 against little me.

I had to step out. Leave my contact details. Pay 55 euro.
I didn’t get the chance to prove my point.
They left me with tears of frustration.

How  do you guys deal with sudden anger?
Does it make you cry? Does it make you a bit more bold? Dies make vulnarable?

































7 thoughts on “How do you handle (sudden) anger?

  1. I have as much trouble with this as you… and often I find that I have reacted to swiftly, giving voice to the anger.
    Then, my only recourse is to ask God for help, especially for mercy and the desire to fix what I screwed up. The latter is the hardest, and yet most rewarding part.


    1. I actually did pray to God and asked him if he could calm me down somehow. What happened, happened. But shouldn’t ruin my entire day or even worse, me reacting badly to completely innocent people!


  2. Anger can feel like a wasted emotion sometimes! I agree. I’ve struggled with anger in my past and write about it often too. I used to blow up at people until I realized that I had a problem. Thanks for this post.


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