I read an article about a teenager who was addicted to drugs for years.
After many tries, he has now been clean for a year.
He is being applaud for his performance. He is invited to high schools to present himself as a role model. He even got to meet the president.

Role model ha? 

The classmate who has been messing up his school years and grades, not just for himself but also for other students, somehow barely graduated. He got a big speech during the ceremony. Our teacher said anyone can take an example of his hard work (in just the last few months).

Take an example ha? 

I sometimes wonder how recognition works.
Do you we need to do something, which isn’t contributing to society, to get attention?

I actually “met” this classmate on social media. The bully of then is now in Africa to help build school for helpless and poor children.
I was quite shocked. Did the teacher’s speech help? Did that make him see the light?

This left me thinking “Could I have done better in life if someone would have me a bit more recognition?

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