I was raised in a country where “Freedom of Speech” is a very natural occasion.
We are allowed to throw our honest opinion out in the open air.

I never made much use of this privilege, however.
And I will be “honest” with you, I am a bit skeptical.


Freedom of Speech is often abused for the wrong purposes.

There was one in High School who liked to pick on the same person constantly and calling her things like “ugly”.
In the rare case that teachers would actually dare to step up against the bully, literally her defense was: “I’m using the ability of Freedom of Speech”.

Well look who learned a new term.

Totally Awesome, you’re so incredibly intelligent. Congrats Girlllllllllllll*

*Intended Sarcasm

When you ask people for their opinion and they respond with
“Can I be completely honest with you?“, you might want to just run away if you can’t handle some criticism.

People’s “honest opinion” can also be based on jealousy.
Some just can’t stand the fact that you started at the same level and you’re suddenly doing much better than them.
So instead of complementing you, they feel the need to bring you down or start talking about their own achievements.


Not many people are good at giving constructive feedback.
And if the emotional child in me would start tearing up, I’d hear that “I can’t handle criticism, I’m acting like a baby and I have Asperger”.

Oh wow. You have finished your doctor’s education at the age 16? Congrats Girlllllllllllllllll *

Another Intended Sarcasm

So, lastly I’d like to give you my advice.
Be selective with whom’s opinion you would actually like hear. Some are really NOT WORTH IT.
And also, start believing in your self.

Your opinion counts more than others! 




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