Back to the roots

I was just scrolling through the newest pop hits.
Little Mix suddenly decided to become Latinas, which feels unnatural.
Even worse, is the newest hair style of mr. 1D boy, Zayn, who bleached his hair to paper white.


(On this picture, he reminds me a bit of my cousin who decided to give up his football career to become a model :D)

Other artists, however, seem to go back to where they came from.
Recent songs from both Shakira and “J.Lo” Β are in Spanish.
Also other 1D dude, Louis, put on his best sports outfit looking like an Manchester hooligan.

I have been living in 5 countries so far (of which only one was voluntarily).
For the first 5 years of my life, I have lived in Bosnia, Croatia and Germany.
Well, I did live there, but have not been able to experienced it.
I think you can only ever experience a country if you pay their taxes πŸ˜‰

I spent 15 years in the Netherlands, before an amazing job opportunity came up in Denmark.
I knew I would be homesick. I’d miss my parents, my friends, my crush.
But I’d never thought remotely I’d miss the culture, nor I thought it would be different than that of Β the Danish.

But it was (!)

First of all, weather wise. Denmark is colder and darker. Even for me, this was too much.
Unlike the Dutch, Danes are introverts. Since I am one too, the Dutch are a bit easier to communicate with.
Danes like to take their time, take it slow, relax. I like that too, but if you’re used to the fast Dutch mentality, you might get impatient with them.
Denmark doesn’t offer much for vegetarians.
And what I missed the most, was rambling in the language I feel the most comfortable in.

It was tiny, but there still was a culture shock. So I can definitely imagine how my parents felt moving from a conservative to a liberal country.

Have you ever experienced a culture yourself? Even on a holiday?

10 thoughts on “Back to the roots

  1. I’ve been to China, the Philippines, and Italy, but the biggest culture shock was moving from a small town about an hour north of Boston, Massachusetts to los Angeles, California when I was 16.
    Everything was different, faster, more competitive socially, less so in sports or games.


    1. I totally recognize this. I always lived in smaller towns, which were lovely – everyone knew each other! Suddenly I had to go to school to a bigger city. It was very difficult for me to adapt.
      Yet, I live in one of the bigger cities now in the NL, simply because there’s more job opportunity, but it’s not for me.


  2. I have never left North America but I have been all over here. I enjoy spending time with other cultures but for some reason, always end up moving back to Texas. Maybe it’s time I save up and visit your part of the world and see those cultures!


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