Emotion Doodles poem collab

This morning, I got a poem from AnElephantCant based on my Emotion Doodles!
Thank you so much for that!
It is simply too sweet to be sitting in just my mailbox.

I decided to make drawing to what he has written and like to shared it with you,

P.S. Make sure you follow AnElephantCant since he offers great work which I only found out about this morning!

Here we go with the Poem:

The umbrella believes that she can dance
with Fred Astaire-like elegance
She avoids the rain with nonchalance
and a certain well-bred arrogance


The valentine tries to play his part
he sends a card to get romance to start
He always hopes Cupid will fire his dart
but deep down he’s a sadly sceptical heart


Grumpy ghost stays hidden whenever it’s light
she only comes out to haunt the night
She tries so hard to give a fright
but she’s banana-coloured she should be white


Cranky carrot keeps his emotions inside a thick shell
he has fallen in love with a lovely spring bluebell
He wants to write her a sweet poem but truth to tell
his dictionary is unavailable and he can’t spell


This jelly of raspberry is quite a dish
with ice cream or custard she is cool and swish
She is almost happy she has only one wish
she wants to be a dessert and not a fish


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