Way to adulthood

Why did we as a child felt a desperate need to become an adult?
What seemed so fun about it?

For a girl the initial Adult Moment, is often considered to be the first “monthly party”.
My mum might have thought it was a magical moment, but all I remember was a huge amount of pain.
It was far away from fun (!)

The first time I experienced the “I’m an adult now” moment, was the first I took a cab on my own.
Cabs are usually expensive, and especially in Copenhagen. Which meant that I must have earned some sort of money.


Some years ago, during our Sunday evening tea and cookies moment, I discussed this topic with a friend.
Although she was near her 30’s and she had been working all over the world, her realization to adulthood started when she met the man of her dreams.

For the longest time during her teenage years and early 20’s, she was scared of becoming pregnant and she looked forward for every “time of the month”.

Then she broke into tears and said “Now I am worried that I can’t even have kids”.
We cried together for some time and then agreed she would make a doctor’s appointment the next day.

Due to moving countries and other priorities, we lost touch.
But according to a reliable source (social media), she married that man and they have a healthy baby girl now 🙂

When and what was your first “adult moment”?

17 thoughts on “Way to adulthood

  1. At my ordination when I was 33 (which is late )
    Up to that point, I had managed multi-million dollar restaurants and university bookstores, and an IT dept at a major US university.
    Yet, at the same time of my ordination, I became a kid again…amazed at what God can do through a fool like me. 🙂


      1. I may have once or twice, or at least parts of it. There are lots of parts!

        I knew at the age of 8 that I wanted to be a priest (I grew up Roman Catholic) When asked by the family friend who was a priest – I said I just wanted to tell people about God’s love and give them communion. He later traded me to the Baptists for an organist. I eventually ended up as a non-denomination pastor at 33. Then at 38 moved into the Lutheran Church. Lots of little stories along that way including a motorcycle accident, a cardiac arrest, and eventually, 2 heart valve’s replaced due to some genetic issues. Oh yeah – and an old eccentric Lutheran Pastor who told me to shoot a problematic parishoner! 🙂

        The end result is that I am a Lutheran pastor – fairly conservative on scripture, not so much politically. An odd choice for someone who also works through Aspergers! An enigma inside of an enigma wrapped up in a bunch of paradoxes. So much, like a kid I simply accept the oddities and go my merry way – talking to people about God’s love and giving them the sacraments! And of course refusing to acknowledge that the boxes most people work contently in exist. ( I just don’t work outside the box… I didn’t know they existed)

        Had to be patient with God along the way – and trust He knew what He was doing when I didn’t, and when I wasn’t being patient. (not a strength… )

        Thanks for asking!


      2. Your life story would be interesting material for a book to be honest. I would read it!

        Also, a pastor on a motorcycle is funny to imagine. I am very sorry about the accident though. That can make you a little too cautious and scared for the rest of your life!
        Hope it didn’t give any serious health issues!

        As for being patient with God, you’re probably doing a lot better job than I do.
        I have always believed in Him and I have seen how he has guided my parents, and therefore me, through life.

        But I have also been frustrated and upset with him, because for quite an amount of time things seemed to go exactly the way I didn’t want them to go. Even though I was working hard to make everything right. And I blamed him, for not being on my side.

        There is one thing I did notice. Believing in God is a lot more peaceful when you’re feeling happy 🙂


      3. I just read this, and it is actually close to what I blogged today about!

        When you are told at 6 that you will probably be dead by 26, you lose patience with God. (hence the heart valve replacements – unknown when I was a kid) When at 21 your dream is shattered and you drop out of school because of a motorcycle accident… well again the days are dark.

        And patience, well, non-existent.

        Over the years I found another paradox, the more overwhelming the situation, the more I know I can’t do it, the faster I trust in God. And once I remember His faithfulness, then I know His peace. As St Paul says, a peace that goes past all understanding. A peace that Christ gives us, and keeps us in.

        By the way – such is only learned in the school of experience… so you’ll get it in 10 years.. and then struggle with 🙂


  2. It was when my sister came to visit in my apartment… not kids anymore. Made all the previous clashes and conflicts… um… unimportant. 😊


  3. When I was a kid is the nearest I ever came, about 4 or 5 and I couldn’t wait to be grown up so I could get a job. There has never been an occasion where I have thought Yey I’m an adult, just times when I wish I was that little kid again. Grown ups are totally overrated 😀😀


  4. I think I felt adult for the first time when I was 15, I was with my family in West Berlin (visiting someone in Germany), my parents left to a party, I took my one year younger brother and left to the “discover” the city. We didn’t speak German and my English was really basic. We came back late at night, safe luckily.


    1. Oh yeah!
      “Protecting” someone and finding your way in a country and language you don’t know, definitely give you the adult moment!

      I really love hearing each and everyone’s experience on the whole adult thing! Thanks for sharing!

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