Trust – at the work floor

When I just started to work at the office I was told that working from home was not a problem.

For a high sensitive person like me, this was super exciting.
Based on my first impression of the department, I knew I wouldn’t work efficiently if I’d be here everyday.
The lighting was yellow and sharp.
There was a huge window which would absorb all the sunlight on my monitor preventing me from being able to read anything.
The majority of my colleagues was quite young and behaved like monkeys.
The canteen was crowded, loud and expensive.

Working from home, maybe two times a week, would give me the perfect balance.
Was this finally the place where I would gain that freedom and trust?
Was it too good to be truth?

Probably. And my biggest fear at that moment became true when my manager added
“You just have to ask me for permission”.

Despite him not giving me any tasks in the first 3 months, I didn’t dare to ask him.
I did notice that he was working from home every Friday, along with some others from,  what they like to call,  the “management level”.

One day, I took the courage. I didn’t sleep so well the night before, so an hour of extra bedtime the next day would do me good.
“What will you be doing”, he asked.
Did he seriously wanted to see my To-Do list for tomorrow?! I was shocked.
“No, why do you want to work from home, don’t you like it here?”.
I blacked out.
The next day, I was back again at the office.

Over the next few months I started caring less and less.
I’d check my manager’s calendar and if he was not in the office, I’d be working from home too.
Apparently my colleagues did spy on me, cause somehow he got to know and gave me several warnings.

One morning, I emailed him with the message that I was going to work from home, because “bad Chinese food the day before”.
He told me to either to come to the office or call in sick.

I called in sick.

Hemorrhoids.  I called in sick for freaking Hemorrhoids.
All I actually needed was just a soft cushion beneath my bottom. 

7 thoughts on “Trust – at the work floor

  1. Ain’t that some shit? I once signed up for a course offered at work entitled “how to handle strife at the workplace.” My manager declined the request, and pestered me about what strife I found in the workplace.

    The strife was totally 100% him.


    1. Are you kidding me! I have noticed that courses are only for managers. “Regular people” don’t get to develop, unless you’re buddy-buddy with the boss.
      In the past 3.5 years, I was not allowed to do any course whatsoever.
      It’s unfair, but I am working towards justice! 🙂

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