My spirit animal (apparently)

You wouldn’t believe this could actually happen to anyone, but let me tell you a story πŸ˜‰

One day, in primary school, I was ready to walk from school to home.
Suddenly I heard my friend behind me shout “Andrea! Watch out!”Β 
Before I knew it, a crow had landed on my head, stayed there for a good few seconds before I started screaming and crying, leaving me with bleeding scratches and a headache.

The next few days, even worse than my new fear of crows, were the superstitious people around me telling me that the crow was a sign from God and things would not end well with me.
Here we are, 19 years later. I’m all happy and healthy drinking my BLACK (😏)Β morning coffee.

However, something weird in my teenage years, did happen.
One day during Yoga, our teacher had invited a spiritual person.
She put down some cards and instructed us to focus deeply and pick one. The picture on the card would present our spirit animal.

I felt a shiver a going down my spine, a dark cloud hanging over me, I might have turned pale even when flipped over my card.
It was mr. Crow staring back at me.


I remembered these happenings yesterday when I captured a raven on the beach.
I’m not a real believer in spiritual stuff, but I actually read about the Crow.
And it’s not all that bad πŸ™‚

I’m curious about your stories too!
What is your connection with spirituality? Did something like this happened to you?


12 thoughts on “My spirit animal (apparently)

  1. I do believe in spiritual stuff but I think what matters is what you felt! If you felt it , you will believe it… No matter what others think ? Right!? Btw, great post! It was really fun to read it… πŸ™‚


    1. Of course, it is all about your own feeling and believe! I mean, I have mixed feelings. It really was a coincidence!
      Thanks for reading and following!
      I checked out your page too! You haven’t written anything yet? Please do! I am curious! πŸ™‚


      1. Oh ok! I had this problem in the beginning as well!
        Please check out the following:
        1. “My profile” when you click on your picture
        2. “Account settings”
        3. Check out if your web address is correct.
        It would be sad if you would lose potential followers over this!

        I will definitely check your blog out! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the link


      2. Hey, Thank you so much for the help! Actually, the web address was not correct! But even after correcting it , the problem is persisting. It’s evident that no one can view my last post… But I can’t figure out what the problem is!


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