What are you impressed by?

When I was younger, my parents used to be very impressed.
Not by my performances though.
They knew that when ever I would start something, I’d work hard to achieve good results.
When my friend would get a 7 out of 10 at an exam, it seemed to be more worth than my 8.

I learned a very important lesson here.
Keep your expectations low.
So I continued my life achieving some pretty good things, but kept it quiet mainly.

At one point I met a former classmate, whom I never liked because she was mean. She started bragging about this amazing opportunity she got to do an internship abroad.
By that time I had graduated two years back and have been working abroad for 3 years.

One day, a colleague started praising himself how he delivered a project all on his own.
He was so high up his ass that he forgot that every project is done with a team, NOT ONLY by the Project Manager.
At that time, my job was to keep track of Quality of projects, including the financial status. According to the system I used, his project has made quite some additional costs.


Maybe my experiences have just been bad, but I have a hard time being impressed by human beings.

The things that blow me away are nature and animals.
They don’t brag. They don’t dress to impress. They don’t put on make up.
They are simply beautiful the way they are.
Now that’s impressive. 


15 thoughts on “What are you impressed by?

  1. Another great one… made me think of the old parable of the rich people making a great show with their donations, and the one who received praise from God being the little old lady who gave her last couple of coins…..and gave it quiet silently.

    For a billionaire to drop a million on a disaster is easy, for some folks who have nothing but a small aluminum fishing boat to take a week away from their families and jobs to help – that’s a whole different kind of impression.

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    1. I know this one! I was in a Catholic school and the priest told us this story.
      I have always remembered and tried to live by it. Kindness should come from the heart, not to make a big show out of it!

      Thank you πŸ™‚ you’re an interesting individual (and I mean this the best way possible!)

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