How I met some of my friends

If you have difficulties making new friends, like I have, please keep on reading.

Sometimes you don’t have to be an extrovert or super talkative.
Sometimes unfortunate incidents can lead to happy friendships.

I have lived in a youth hostel for 4 years with many other expats who also worked in Denmark. Here are some stories of how I met the coolest, most memorable people.
P.S. I will not mention any names, but call them by their nationality. 

My Polish neighbor who hated cold weather
It was a cold, but sunny February day. I got home from work. My attention was raised by some sitting in front of the window in his swimming shorts, T-shirt and sunglasses.
I raised my eyebrows.
“I am sunbathing”, he said.
I grinned.
“Wine?”, he offered me a glass.
And there was me, drinking wine with my neighbor.
This was a start of a “Wine and chocolate” event we decided to have every 2nd Friday afternoon.

The Iranian who invented fire
I was chilling on a Friday night when I suddenly heard the fire alarm!
A near heart attack hit me and I ran outside. I saw black smoke coming from the kitchen. Someone was nervously waving with a towel.
The landlord was less than amused when the fire department came over for only some smoke and a burned pizza.
A little while later, when everything had calmed down, the new person introduced to us to some Iranian sweets and new friendship began!

Eurovision friends
For the non-European readers, you might not be familiar with the Eurovision Song Contest.
It starts every year in May with two semi finals on a Tuesday and Thursday, and the grand Final on Saturday. BEST WEEK OF THE YEAR!
Yup, I’m a huge fan.
Since I was living among different cultures, I thought it might be nice to invite a couple of people for a small Eurovision get together.
My invitation had spread like a bomb apparently.
On that Saturday, project X started.
Random people knocked on my door to join the party.  At one point I had 30+ people in my 25m2 room 😀

How did you meet some of your friends? 🙂

10 thoughts on “How I met some of my friends

    1. True! I actually don’t know my current neighbors at all!
      In the hostel we shared a kitchen, so unless you wouldn’t cook, you’d meet them anyhow. And back then I was a bit more outgoing than now haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. One time I picked up a hitchhiker who was 4 years younger than I was, but I thought that he was pretty cool for his age. I ran into him years later and he remembered me giving him a ride and we actually became real good friends after that.


    1. There are more people who are just as scared to take the first step towards friendship than you’d imagine. They would be so happy if you start the conversation 🙂


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