What is freedom (3)

As a child, we all want grow up.
Not following the rules of your parents.
Be king of your own castle.
And as one classmate once mention “Dance around naked in your own private space”.

This one evening, I was home alone and decided it was time for some pamper time.
I started a warm bath and put on my favorite radio station.
When Spice Girls’ “Stop, right now” song came up, the 90’s kid in me danced her way to the living room where I forgot my phone.
I like reading your blogs during bath time!!

I reached for my phone, that’s when I heard that loud, awful noise. The doorbell.
Sh*t.  I was in my nude suit.
I was stuck. The front door contains a small window without a curtain.
The doorbell rang for a second time.
I am assuming it are the neighbors with the package I ordered, but it might as well be a serial killer.

Third loud doorbell noise.
I think I’ve been here for 10 minutes.
In the background I heard the bath overflowing.

Instead of a nice “me time”, I was later cleaning the bathroom floor.

I guess there was no “freedom” here. 

If you’d like to read more about how I feel about freedom, please read:
1 & 2,

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