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Is it OK to be picky?

Have you ever found yourself in the position regretting something you weren’t picky enough about?
Your house? Your job? That expensive piece of clothing?
The guy who hears wedding bells after a couple of dates meanwhile you’re trying find how to get rid of him in a friendly way?

And, have you ever punched a pillow because you were too picky and you don’t see yourself moving forward?

One of the largest mistakes I’ve made, was waiting for 4 months (!) for a my current manager to say “yes, we have finally decided, you are hired”.
I was unhappy in my previous job and thought this one could make me look forward to Monday mornings .
Despite the fact that there were at least 10 clues which should have made me figure that I wasn’t going to find any happiness here, I ignored them.

I was not being picky enough.

In my previous job I did meet this one amazing guy.
But he didn’t live exactly nearby, he was 7 years older and besides he was my colleague.
Reasons to be picky?
I wasn’t.
And I am very glad I took the “risk”.

Bye bye, mr. Unavailable Carrot
(I still like the look of you though! 😉 )

What are your experiences with being too picky or not picky enough?



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