What doesn’t kill you, makes you ….

Do you actually believe that? Have you actually experienced it?
Or do we all just think this is true because it’s a common saying?
Because Kelly Clarkson sang about it?
Because we are supposed to be robots and showing any vulnerability is a bad thing?

What didn’t kill me made me a lot of other things than stronger:

It made me bitter
I have huge feeling of revenge toward those kids that have bullied me.
To those colleagues who have talked behind my back.
And to those managers who made me feel like I was worth nothingย (ironically, they still pay me more than most people my age).
Read my blog about Freedomย to find out more how I would want take that revenge ๐Ÿ™‚


It made me weak
As a child I cried a lot, as an adult, I still, unfortunately do.
I admire those who can switch off their emotions when someone’s talking trash about them. Those who are not affected by it in their private life.
But I’m not that person. I ย really wish I could close the faucet which makes me tear up.
And most unfortunate, I have also cried in front of people who are NOT my friends or loved ones.
If I can offer you one tip, DON’T EVER CRY in front of those who are mean and cannot handle tears, they will confront you with it constantly.
Just my most recent lesson I had to learn.

It made me happy
It might be hard to believe, but bad moments will also end.
Sometimes you can change things yourself. Other times you will have to make Karma do the work.
Make sure you enjoy those moment. Celebrate them.
“Every cloud has a silver lining”, so they say. So here’s my contribution:





11 thoughts on “What doesn’t kill you, makes you ….

  1. I cry a lot too. And also cried in front of people I didn’t want to. Crying is mostly seen as weak but I think it’s good to cry every once in a while. Let your emotions out. Having emotions is what makes us human, right?


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