“Good” (Monday) Morning

I think we can all agree with the fact that Monday mornings don’t belong to a human being’s happiest moments.
And that’s OK.
It’s also OK if you are feeling the spirit or decide to show a big fake smile.

But please, don’t start ruining MY day with YOUR happiness!

After a phase of bad weeks, I finally walked into the office feeling quite optimistic.
It almost got ruined by a mini heart attack when I thought I lost my company card. While walking I was searching through my pockets, but did luckily find it.

Due to the distracting, the rude, terrible * me totally forgot to say “good morning” to the receptionist.
“Hey, miss”, she said, “we usually say good morning around this office”.
It was this kind of tone she used which makes you want to punch her.

“Oh I’m sorry”, I apologized. Why did I apologize?

Here’s to you “miss”.
A VERY GOOD MORNING and many more to come. 


*Intended sarcasm 



6 thoughts on ““Good” (Monday) Morning

  1. On this particular morning – we need to be more sensitive to people who are having a challenging day anyway.I know too many that were affected by 9//11 and this day… the last thing they can think of is “being friendly”
    The receptionist was wrong – when we see someone upset, or stressed, the better approach is to find a way to let them know you are there with them… and find a way to comfort or encourage them!

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    1. I think it’s a culture thing. The Dutch are very extravert and keen on greeting each other.

      Usually i’d greet too. But there are prbably 400 people working at office. Surely you could forget one or two.

      Yes, carrot! These guys are going to appear a lot more in my blogs! 😁😁

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