Do opposites attract?

In physics, this for sure is true.
Do you remember one of the first experiment your Science teacher showed you?
Bet it was something with magnets!
Two of the same poles would repel each other.
But a North and South pole would attract each other.

Does it work in the same way for humans? Answering the age old question
Do opposites attract?

According to nature I should be dating a headbanging figure, who does not care about having a job or a stable financial situation, who likes to have as many friends as possible, who likes to live right in the city center so that pubs and bars can be easily reached instead of a cozy evening at home.

I’ve been in a relationship a little over two years. Despite the fact that we are similar in terms of what we want in life, we have discovered our non-similarities too.
Let’s analyze:

  • I haven’t eaten meat since 19 years. He doesn’t really like veggies.
  • My childhood passion is chess. He has always been playing ice hockey.
  • I’m a morning person. He is an evening person.
  • I like my reading and writing. His literature consists of a couple of Donald Duck comics.
  • I like to create a long term planning. He is comfortable with taking life day by day.
  • I have OCD. He is very calm minded.

It’s been interesting, fun and frustrating at the same time to find how to cope with these differences.

  • We started trying out new recipes which easily could be transferred in a vegetarian or carnivore dish.
  • He bough me a chessboard and thought him a few of my tricks. Last time we played, he won (!)
    On our trip to Canada, my birthday gift to him were two tickets to an ice hockey game. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
  • In the mornings I would prepare coffee and bake bread. In the evening he makes us tea and puts a blanket over me if I have fallen asleep on the couch.
  • We started talking a bit more about what we wanted in life and how we can achieve that. We even made a rough plan (not as detailed as I would have liked to, but it’s a good start ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
  • When the OCD kicks in, he simple let’s me do what I need to do to calm myself. He doesn’t ask questions, he simply accepts it.

There will always be differences between you and your significant other.
But if you learn from each other, accept each other and compensate things will be easier.
And that’s when you achieve great Teamwork.ย 

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