A horse shoe. A black cat crossing your path. Friday the 13th. A rabbit’s foot. A broken mirror. Crossed fingers. Opening an umbrella indoors. Knock on wood. Four leaf Clover.

These are the common superstitions we were raised with.
Some of us were more overpowered by it than others.

Personally I have a large dilemma with the mirror.
On one of my birthdays, a friend gave Β me a beautiful make up mirror.
I was thankful, but very uncomfortable.
The clumsiness in me was afraid to break it.
Was afraid to be stuck with 7 years of bad luck.
The next time we met, I gave the mirror back to her with the pathetic excuse of “I was not into make up and she could make much better use of it”.
She seemed confused and disappointed.
But I didn’t dare to explain her my problem. I didn’t want her to think I was a “crazy lady”.

Other than the common ones, I created a few superstitious thoughts myself.

The very first time I competed in a chess tournament, my parents took me out shopping the day before. I could choose any piece of clothing, at any price.
They were convinced I was going to win, which meant a picture in the local newspaper.
I immediately fell in love with the black and white stripe shirt.
The next day, indeed, I was in the newspaper, proudly showing off my new shirt.
The tournaments after, the stripe shirt seemed to become kind of my trademark.

And even nowadays, if you would open my closet, you’d be overloaded with stripe shirts with any color combinations which I wear on a daily basis.
And of course, in the back of the closet, safely stored, a couple of black and white striped shirts.
For those days that I need a little bit more of extra confidence.

How are you guys dealing with superstitions?
Do you have a some you created for yourself?



7 thoughts on “Superstitions

    1. I really hope I can reach that stage. I am still quite superficial and always hold on to my rituals (cleaning, counting etc.). But I am trying to work towards to less anxiety. I admire people who can simply live their life without thinking about these rituals!

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      1. yeaa..You can..try not to count more than twice…then do it just one time.Do not check whether door is locked or not..just think whether you went near door or not.IF you went,you definitely locked it..All you need is just practice..All in your hand..Its upto you to being consistent and do things πŸ‘

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