Shallow media

I remember when social media was upcoming, two boys from my school were commenting someone’s Facebook profile.
“Haha, she only got 67 “friends”, she is probably ugly as f*uck”.
Seems valid*

On the moments that I have nothing to do, I like to watch some video content creators.
And I won’t lie, meanwhile watching, I also like to go through the comments sections.
It’s unbelievable how some people can criticize every freaking step the person takes Either the point the bad hair day, the pimple on the nose, the tiny grammar mistake they make, what they drive, what they eat and how they breathe.
They are calledΒ haters.Β I think they honestly have huge mental issues.

I have stayed away from social media for quite some time.
And when I did start, I noticed it was quickly about reaching as many likes as possible.
I was advised to delete post below 10 likes and also post at a certain time when most people would be online.
Although, I liked sharing a story or picture, it quickly became a contest.
I deleted all accounts I had.

A year later, curiosity kicked back in.
I opened an Instagram account. Besides the 5 actual people I did know, some random people started following me. I obviously returned the favor enthusiastically.
Soon enough I noticed my amount of followers dropped.

AHA, that’s how you operate, people on Instagram.

Fine! I deleted all of you too!
From now on, I’m only following cute puggies and beagles πŸ˜‰

* Obvious sarcasm

If you’re interested, please follow me on Instagram 😏

6 thoughts on “Shallow media

  1. Social media is a unique challenge. As a pastor, on FB i see things people would never tell me they struggle with in life, and helps me know who is under pressure. Sometimes my thoughts help a person or two put things together – and that is awesome.

    It can be a great tool.

    But it is at great cost as I see the hatred and stupidity that flows out as well. My heart years to block them, my head says they aren’t worth the effort. My soul responds they as simply broken as you – keep the faith, you may eventually show them a love they can’t deny..


    If He can heal my broken heart and soul, if He can heal me of my sin as well, then there is hope for the rest of the world, cause compared to me, I think God finds them a snap!

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    1. I like your point of view here too. People seem to open up more on social media. Maybe because it’s easier, saver, people won’t see their tears?
      But it does give a chance to people around them to detect that something isn’t right and help them πŸ™‚πŸ™‚


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