“Do one thing every day that scares you”.

“You should definitely get out of your comfort zone”.

These are the type of quotes that absolutely make me shiver.
They are so common, that we all just seem to believe in them and advice them.
Do we really need to put so much pressure on people?

I have always been afraid of the dark.
My bedroom used to be upstairs, the toilet downstairs.
In the event of feeling an urge in the middle of the night, I would first call my parents to guide me. I felt bad, however, for waking them up.
I tried a new method. I ran downstairs, did my thing and ran  back up like Jigsaw was chasing me. That also ,did wake them up.
I realized I had to overcome my fear, so as an 18 year old, me and my duck toy went quietly down the stairs, in the complete dark. Step by step. And we survived, together.

When I started living on my own, two of my biggest fears were “spiders” and “making new friends/speaking to people”.
On the first day already, I noticed that big fat spider in my room.
I was standing there with my safety shoe, ready to kill.
However, I didn’t want to kill the poor creature, but I knew that if I wouldn’t do it, he would hide and later creep up on me.
I did anyhow the latter. After getting back from work, the spider indeed was gone.
I did not sleep that night.
The next day I knew I had to do something.
Ready to overcome my other fear and mainly out of desperation, I knocked on my neighbor’s door and explained him the story.
He laughed and decided to help me. We found the spider and released him back to nature.
On that day, I made my first friend in a new environment.

It’s ok to have fears. Embrace them. Take your time with them.
Realize they actually might help you.
Celebrate the moment when you have overcome your fear. 


7 thoughts on “Fears

      1. No, we are in England. In the east, the county of Norfolk. The spiders are nothing like the horrible ones in Australia. My wife would never visit that country, because of their spiders! 🙂


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