Fashion these days

The first association I had with Great Britain was based on what I saw in movies.
Rainy weather, tea with with milk and biscuits, the always warm and friendly bear Paddington and school uniforms.
And thanks to the Harry Potter movie, the image of latter became really popular.

I remember when the movie was released, our teacher thought it might be interesting to have a school debate about this topic:
Children in the Netherlands should also wear school uniforms”.

I noticed that the class was pretty much divided between the more and less wealthy society.
The children of doctors and lawyers voted that everyone should be treated as an individual and be able to develop their own style.
Plus, there was no way that they would give up their super cool, super expensive clothing.
Remember this Gem?


Neither my parents had the will to spend money on it, but also I didn’t care much for the big brand clothing.
And it seems to me that fashion only got worse.


Is anyone else crying?

Nowadays, school kids don’t even seem to bother. All I see them walking around in Adidas sport suits and if you have read my blog about public transport, apparently also spike shoes.

For fashions’ sake, please implement the school uniforms.Β 

3 thoughts on “Fashion these days

  1. Good morning and thanks for following my blog. It might sound retrograde but I am for school uniforms as they neutralize the consumerist temptations of modern societiess and oblige children and adolescents to focus on the task at hand: to learn.
    Un baccione. Arrivederci!

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  2. I love school uniforms but cannot stand to be “in style”! I just do my own thing. For school though, they are trying to make it friendly for all kids and not discriminate but it doesn’t work that way. Outside of school, it doesn’t matter what they wear so kids always like or dislike who they want.


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