Does money make you happy?

If you’re one of those pretentious people, you might say “No, never!”.

I used to say that. I didn’t need much.
Just a roof over my head.
Food and drinks. But not regular cheese, only Permesan. And only brand Coca Cola.
A nice warm bed, but definitely with satin sheets.
A new book each month, because I liked reading.
And definitely the red sneakers all the other cool kids had.

I think you get my point.

As a child you don’t the value of money.
You would only know if each and every day you’d have to wake up at early, commute to work only to hear your boss and colleagues complain.
Once you get home, did the cleaning and cooking, it might be late already before you can sit down on the sofa and relax.
Nobody wants to do all that for a minimum wage.
If your manager gives you a salary raise, it means that you’re actually good at your job. And who wouldn’t want that recognition.

When I was living abroad, numerous of things happened which made me want to go to my family and friends within the next day.

At one point my mum heard she had to do a surgery because they found cancer.
I booked a ticket without thinking. Just to be with her for at least a couple of days.
690 euro.

At one point of time, I was feeling anxious and had trouble sleeping. I needed a week with the comfort of my loved ones.
690 euro + one week unpaid holidays = A lot of euro’s

When my grandparents were ill and my dad wanted to travel to see them one more time, without hesitation I booked two plane tickets.

And besides all these more tragic occasions, I must admit, I enjoy going out for dinner, travel a bit around and being able to buy what I like.

So yes, money does make me happy.
But only if I have earned it myself.

6 thoughts on “Does money make you happy?

  1. Money in itself does not make me happy – but the “things” you can get for it … Like my cat (you have to give money to the shelter when you “adopt” an animal). Or the Christmas tree I put up for me and my sister each Christmas. Or being able to replace a broken part, like a washing machine … THAT makes me happy.

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  2. Unfortunately, everything costs money. No, I don’t need a lot. Then again, I like to have things working properly which requires maintenance which means money. My son needs food and clothes, that takes money (I’m not a charity case). I feel you!


    1. It does yeah 😦 But our entire society is based on making us spend (useless) money. Take a company like Apple. I like the iPhone, but honestly it’s designed to only last for 2.5 year max. I have mine for a year now and have been very careful with it and already it’s switching off spontaneously.
      Same goes for cars. These days they are all equipped with sensitive electronics.
      It’s all one big marketing trick really.

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