What is freedom?

“What animal would you like to be?”, a friend asked me.

We are spending a day on the beach.
I feel the wind in my hair hair, the sound of the waves through my ear canal and free sand scrub on my feet.
I wish I could freeze the time.
Stay here forever, even.
Avoid the obligations and stress which start for me on Sunday evening already.

The entire scenery gave me the calm to think about her question.
I’d like to be an animal with a lot of  freedom.
So a dolphin? An Eagle? A male lion?

My peacefulness got rudely interrupted by the squawking of a seagull.
I look up.
Because of the strong airflow he doesn’t even need to use his wings to fly.
He can walk around the beach whenever he wants.
Even go surfing on the waves.

“I’d like to be a seagull”, I answered.
“I want to shit on the freshly washed car of those who have hurt me.
I want to wake them up in the morning way before the alarm goes off.
I want steal the bag of chips they just bought”.
My friend grinned.
“And the best of all, they can’t do anything back at me, because all these crazy environmental activists are dedicating their life to protect my species”.

So what is freedom?
Being able to ease your bitterness by having the power to take limited revenge on those who “deserve” it?

Partly, yes.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t work (only) towards “success” to show others.
But that one day, I went out for a drink and the waitress turned out to be a former bully telling me that this was her job now, it felt pretty damn good.
Even better when she asked what my life looked like.
“Oh, I just got back from a business trip from the US”, I told her (the truth), “Here you go, keep the change”.
I winked, turned around and walked away wearing that big grin on my face she been deserving for a long long time.

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14 thoughts on “What is freedom?

  1. Freedom is the simplest, yet most complicated concept known to man. Why is it so often that some nosy politician goes on a banning binge, yet will tell you that they are offering you more ‘choice’ and protecting your freedom? And this actually makes sense to them and the other chattering classes? Just remember, with freedom comes responsibility and self control.

  2. Thank you!
    As I see you just yours a few days ago! I hardly ever wear make up, but it’s my top 5 of blog topics I like to read about, so of course I have follow you!

    I hope you will reach many followers, since your blog page looks very good and it’s well written too!
    Followers others, interact with and keep on writing and it will move faster than you realize! 😀

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