Have commercials taken it too far?

Christmas eve, 2013. The whole family is in front of the television watching Home alone. We are already now laughing for what is going to happen in 5 minutes. But what actually will happen in 5 minutes is a 10 minute "commercial break". "Let's just continue watching on Netflix", dad suggested. That was the last … Continue reading Have commercials taken it too far?

After I agreed to seek professional help

"Just seek professional help already instead of crying all the time". Talking about my mental issues has become more and more difficult over time. "Regular" people would tell me I will drown in self pity. Or give me the advice to just find a hobby to keep myself busy. And otherwise tell me to just … Continue reading After I agreed to seek professional help

No, I don’t think your children are cute

Some things in life we are not "allowed" to say or do. It's not a law or rule. But let's call it "common sense". But then this one particular colleague tells me "Have you see this picture/video of my kids", I want to punch him. Not only he is showing me 10 pictures on daily basis, I also DON'T think … Continue reading No, I don’t think your children are cute

How do you express love?

I glanced at the phone of my colleague. His WhatsApp was filled with heart and kiss smileys from his wife. I know this is supposed to be cute and adorable. But for me, it makes me cringe. Yet I am sure that most people find it odd that the smileys Jasper and I send each … Continue reading How do you express love?

Things I would write on Facebook if I still had it #1

Every morning there is a big decision to make. Do I stay half an hour longer in bed or do I spend that time on drinking my coffee in peace. But then again, 30 minutes of sleeping won't wake me up as my good friend "caffeine". Do you rahter choose coffee or a bit more sleep in the morning? … Continue reading Things I would write on Facebook if I still had it #1

Are you more a specialist or generalist?

Can you recognize yourself in this gif? If you said "YES!!" to that question, congratulations, you're now officially stuck in the rut of life. When I announced that we are moving to Denmark a few months ago, someone told me "I understand. You're young, you want to try something new.". When my manager shared to … Continue reading Are you more a specialist or generalist?

To quit or not to quit

This post is for Nat. In her blog After the storm, she writes about putting a lot of effort to get a job. Only to find out that it was not for her and she quit. I promised her that I would share a personal, similar story. Only I didn't quit. I pushed through all … Continue reading To quit or not to quit

Is the world easily offended by anything and everything?

I have been told me I am easily offended or I let what others say bother me too much. How did this ever became an excuse for people throwing insulting comments at me?! Plus, I don't think this is true at all. How could I be? I am not a feminist. I (fake) laugh at not … Continue reading Is the world easily offended by anything and everything?


Having friends as a child was easy. You don't know the true meaning of friendship, but you're more than happy to spend time with your classmates or neighbourhood kids. Then, in the teenage years, it becomes more difficult. It's almost like you have to be approved to be someone's friend. If you are not a certain … Continue reading Friendship

When you forget your earphones

Music is a powerful source. It can bring me to a Caribbean party on a snowy day. Or make me look forward for Christmas in the mid of July. It can calm me down after a long day. Or give me the energy to survive the last hour at work. Keeping my earphones in is … Continue reading When you forget your earphones

About letting go

Ever since I first found out about Netflix I have watched countless amout of series. Some had several seasons. Others were shorter. But nevertheless the length, I would always find a way to get attached to the characters. I want to know about their background story, their personal preferences. I want to be their friend. (except … Continue reading About letting go

This too, shall pass

I remember how I used to push myself into getting straight A's at school. I couldn't accept the fact that I was simply not this type of student. Now I am sitting here, 8 years later, thinking about when anyone even asked for my grades. That was never. What if I had done my education without … Continue reading This too, shall pass

Have you ever judged someone incorrectly because of their profession?

This morning I checked my freshly baked bank account. Yesterday I transferred a very small amount to it. We're speaking about 5 Euro's. But to my big surprise, I suddenly saw a much higher amount of money! First I danced around the house of happiness. But then read the actual description. My Danish is not … Continue reading Have you ever judged someone incorrectly because of their profession?

Breakfast Doodle puns (digital replica)

It has been a while since I did anything Doodle related, but I noticed some recent likes on my old post Breakfast doodles. So I decided to make a more digital replica of it and add some puns 😉     If you would like to know some of the methods and apps I am … Continue reading Breakfast Doodle puns (digital replica)

Have I changed my mind about blogging?

I went from an active blogger who spend her most her day on WordPress, to someone who only occasionally looks on WordPress. And all of that in just 2 months. Not only my blogging rhythm has changed. My whole life has after the move. I am no longer spending half my life in the car and … Continue reading Have I changed my mind about blogging?

Do you prefer to spend time with the same or different gender?

"You're one of those women, aren't you?", some one told me once, "A woman who doesn't like women". I grinned. Although not necessarily true, I do see where that is coming from. Even though I grew up in a female dominated household, I always got along with my dad the best. From a young age he showed … Continue reading Do you prefer to spend time with the same or different gender?

Fall bullet journal Doodles

In this time of year, a lot of people seem to be into "bullet journal doodling". Here is my contribution! I'd be happy to connect to more art / doodling sites here on WP. If you're on of them, drop your favorite post in the comment section and I will have a look and most … Continue reading Fall bullet journal Doodles

Creative Writing (CW): Dialogue – with a song.

It was Goldie who introduced me to Creative Writing challenges. Now, I'm not as good G, but I do enjoy trying sometimes. And now I even took part of Carrot Ranch competition! We were being challenged to write exactly 99 words around the topic of Dialogue. My dialog with a song on the radio I could hide … Continue reading Creative Writing (CW): Dialogue – with a song.

Some insights about Communication

I always considered myself an introvert without knowing what it ACTUALLY means. I just know that I am not loud, I hate being in the center of attention and I avoid large groups. "But still you are choosing a career as an Instructor?", a colleague  asked me. Funnily enough, I do. I am definitely up for … Continue reading Some insights about Communication

When the Home turns into a House

Last week we had a realtor coming over. Before that, Jasper and I placed a bet. I thought he was going to lose money over the house. He thought it might have the same value. Mr. Realtor was more optimistic. "If you don't place the house for EUR xx.xxx more than the buying price, you … Continue reading When the Home turns into a House

Do new bloggers take the comment section serious enough?

Lately I have started to follow a lot of new blogs. I have a lot of time with very few things to do. So I read. But is reading and hitting "Like" enough? I like when people give me some appreciation in the form of a comment on my post. Surely others will acknowledge when … Continue reading Do new bloggers take the comment section serious enough?

Awesome Impact Award: An Incident that impacted my life in a positive way

I was nominated by Goldie, for the Awesome Impact Award. I hadn't heard of this one before, but it's probably one of the most interesting ones! Goldie talks about her first time being independent due to go to university. Obviously, the my road to independence was a difficult one too, but the entire experience was … Continue reading Awesome Impact Award: An Incident that impacted my life in a positive way

Recipe: Pasta from scratch

Today is one of my favorite days: Pasta day! Many of you will say that Pasta might not be a healthy choice, so when you eat it, it's best to enjoy to the fullest. 😉 And how to do that better than freshly prepare it yourself! I spoke with Goldie about it yesterday  who said … Continue reading Recipe: Pasta from scratch

October Doodles

Process of DoodlingAlso I often get the question (OK OK, only Goldie just now 😉 ) what my process of doodling is. First of all, I don't use any fancy tools or pencils. So no brand recommendations. I use 3 apps, which are either for free or less than 5 euro's. And I use them … Continue reading October Doodles

What my OCD feels like (metaphor)

This post is inspired by Goldie's  Mental Health at work post,  but also by me touching a broken glass this morning. I only realized its state when I saw a puddle of blood on the kitchen counter. It was a tiny cut on my finger and it didn't hurt. But the blood kept on flowing. It was … Continue reading What my OCD feels like (metaphor)

About age

Last Christmas, my brother in law told a story about a girl he knew who wanted to do liposuction. I guess the 2nd glass of wine suddenly made me sharper than usual. "Wait! How old is this "girl" of yours?". I was a bit suspicious because he is somewhere in this late forties. "50", he answered. … Continue reading About age

Things I don’t care about, yet care so much about

Last bits of the jobI have about 2 weeks left of my current job. When I started, this role and project were new. I did everything from scratch. I am a proud "mommy" and feel very responsible of my "baby". Slowly but steadily I have watched several people taking some of my tasks. I try … Continue reading Things I don’t care about, yet care so much about

Do you need motivation?

Recently I have seen quite some posts about "Motivation". What motivates you to get out of bed? To make your bed? What motivates to you drive to work? To actually work? What motivates you to cook? And clean afterwards? This is something that I seem to differ from many others. I don't really need motivation. … Continue reading Do you need motivation?

Fun with puns

I wanted to my Doodles a deeper dimension and how else to do that than with puns! So here are the first two. If you can think of more, let me know in the comments 🙂         Of course this can be bought on your favorite item via the Emotion Doodles store.

Why I want followers

Back in the days, I wanted to become "big" on Instagram. Not because the followers and likes would boost my ego. But I honestly think I am funny. Not so much when you meet me in person however. I am usually very quiet. My strength lays in the short written stories or a capturing  picture. … Continue reading Why I want followers

Road to independence: first time alcohol

I am continuing yesterday's story with little snippets of my road to Independence. For a more background information, please read: Road to independence: First time doing laundry on my own So today's story is about my first alcoholic drink. My parents were quite strict and made me promise that I wouldn't drink before finishing university. … Continue reading Road to independence: first time alcohol

Road to independence: First time doing laundry on my own

Now that the move to Denmark is getting closer, my memories of my first experience there, are getting more vivid. I was 20  when I stepped into the train for my first long, independent journey. Even my dad teared up when I hugged my parents goodbye. But I bravely ensured them everything was going to … Continue reading Road to independence: First time doing laundry on my own

After I said I am leaving

It's been about 2 -3 weeks ago since I told my employer that I will be leaving. It's not the first time I have done something like that. But no matter how much hated or liked my job, I have always been very nervous to break the news. The only good thing was that after … Continue reading After I said I am leaving

Breakfast doodles

I never understood why Breakfast is called the way it is. "Breaking" it down it's Break and Fast. So that a fast break? I like taking my time during breakfast when I have the time. Every now and then I like to recreate what you usually would see in a hotel. What would you like … Continue reading Breakfast doodles

Do you think people notice you?

Thursday evening 11 in the night. We were supposed to be our flight, but our mood was ruined by a 1 hour delay. People seemed annoyed, tired and desperate for a shower. I sure was since I finished my book and wanted to save some battery on my phone. Time for some old fashion entertainment. … Continue reading Do you think people notice you?

September Doodles

In about 3.5 months it's New Year's eve. Anyone feeling anxious already? 😉 Although most people consider the 1st of January to be the start of new beginnings, for me, September was always that month. You get to charge your battery during a long summer vacation and then it's time for fresh books and other … Continue reading September Doodles

The little things in life

After a long  and stressful day, I didn't think anything could cheer me up. Not even Jasper who tried with some comforting words. We were driving towards home. I stared out the window and that's when I saw him. The cutest thing: a puggy dribbling down the street. If you know me the slightest bit, … Continue reading The little things in life

Is coffee your cup of tea?

Some of you might have noticed I have been quite active on the blogosphere lately. I have too much time lately 😉 But tomorrow we are flying to Denmark to look at some apartments. I won't be bringing my laptop, so you get a little break from me 😉 I will be leaving you with … Continue reading Is coffee your cup of tea?

How anonymous would you like to be?

Technically, if you suddenly decide to take a day off, your manager is not allowed to ask you for the reason. They do have to approve it, so there will always some sort of awkwardness. Sometimes it a simple "my best friend is going to get married" or "family thing". But if you take a … Continue reading How anonymous would you like to be?

About compliments

Some words have different meanings. The first time I realized the other meaning of "pretty" was when someone told me I was "pretty smart". "Pretty AND smart?", I joked He winked. Compliments. I always hope to receive one every now and then. But then when I do, they make me uncomfortable. I start blushing. Should I … Continue reading About compliments

In case you plan to correct people

YouTuber 1: It's OK becuase it's modern music YouTuber 2: you mean: because* YouTuber 1: I dont need you to correct me!! Youtube 2: don't*. I do when its wrong. I only want to teach you.  Me: You mean, it's* How often do you feel the need to correct others when they are wrong? In the case … Continue reading In case you plan to correct people

About emails

On my first workday ever, my colleague advised me to keep my email open at all times. I gave her a peculiar look. This made no sense. I checked my personal email maybe twice a week. Who would be sending me all these emails? Well well well. How young and innocent I was. 😉 I … Continue reading About emails

Views vs. Likes

Lately I have noticed quite some difference in the views versus likes. I wonder if people randomly clicked on my post. Or they do read it,  but they don't enjoy my post at all. We always assume people like without reading. But this the opposite. I also have to do some self reflection here. Due … Continue reading Views vs. Likes

About Hypocrisy and speed limits

Every morning I drive to work, I have to take this one annoying road. It's about 5 km long. The speed limit is 70km/h. This is hardly a matter of safety. The town who borders the road is populated by rich people. They simply didn't like the sound of speeding cars and payed a lot … Continue reading About Hypocrisy and speed limits

Do you like change?

Many people claim to be extremely liberal. The are open to new ideas. They are open for change. This always makes me a little skeptical. Even if I neglect all the political views. I remember the day a new girl stepped into the primary school I was in. Her family moved from 20 km to … Continue reading Do you like change?

Why are some bloggers more successful than others?

There are couple of bloggers on WordPress which I consider to be the big names. They have numbers of which I could only dream of. So, I have been trying to analyze them. What makes them so much more "successful" in the blogging world than me? The first measurement to take is of course on … Continue reading Why are some bloggers more successful than others?

Was the view worth the climb? (Rescheduled post 10-2017)

We were out in the nature yesterday. One of the attractions was a lookout point which promised an amazing view over the entire park. However, to get there, you had climb up a quite steady, steep hill. For someone who didn't exercise for 1 year this might be a challenge. Not to mention a warm … Continue reading Was the view worth the climb? (Rescheduled post 10-2017)

Yesterday in pictures

I was at store yesterday where there was a "Valentino bag collection". I couldn't resist to not include our little Skeptical Valentino: Then I went to the beach. I looked down and thought to myself "So many stones", but later I found out it where Jelly Fish! As I walked a bit more, I saw … Continue reading Yesterday in pictures

Which animal has the cutest (love) story?

Lately both Jasper and I have been into nature series. "One of the reason I like you is because you like animals", he said. My heart melted a bit. But also because of all the cute animal (love) stories! Here are a couple of them. If you know more, let me know! PenguinsIf you have watched … Continue reading Which animal has the cutest (love) story?