Why I want followers

Back in the days, I wanted to become "big" on Instagram. Not because the followers and likes would boost my ego. But I honestly think I am funny. Not so much when you meet me however. I am usually very quiet. My strength lays in the short written stories or a capturing  picture. Well, it … Continue reading Why I want followers

Road to independence: first time alcohol

I am continuing yesterday's story with little snippets of my road to Independence. For a more background information, please read: Road to independence: First time doing laundry on my own So today's story is about my first alcoholic drink. My parents were quite strict and made me promise that I wouldn't drink before finishing university. … Continue reading Road to independence: first time alcohol

Doodle shop: I love My Job collection

In my post After I said I am leaving I mentioned that some colleagues thought I might have not felt happy at the job. It can't possibly be because  I dragged this little buddy around: Nah. Most actually thought it was pretty hilarious 😉 I have now completed my Emotion Doodle Store with some more I love … Continue reading Doodle shop: I love My Job collection

Road to independence: First time doing laundry on my own

Now that the move to Denmark is getting closer, my memories of my first experience there, are getting more vivid. I was 20  when I stepped into the train for my first long, independent journey. Even my dad teared up when I hugged my parents goodbye. But I bravely ensured them everything was going to … Continue reading Road to independence: First time doing laundry on my own

After I said I am leaving

It's been about 2 -3 weeks ago since I told my employer that I will be leaving. It's not the first time I have done something like that. But no matter how much hated or liked my job, I have always been very nervous to break the news. The only good thing was that after … Continue reading After I said I am leaving

Breakfast doodles

I never understood why Breakfast is called the way it is. "Breaking" it down it's Break and Fast. So that a fast break? I like taking my time during breakfast when I have the time. Every now and then I like to recreate what you usually would see in a hotel. What would you like … Continue reading Breakfast doodles

Do you think people notice you?

Thursday evening 11 in the night. We were supposed to be our flight, but our mood was ruined by a 1 hour delay. People seemed annoyed, tired and desperate for a shower. I sure was since I finished my book and wanted to save some battery on my phone. Time for some old fashion entertainment. … Continue reading Do you think people notice you?

September Doodles

In about 3.5 months it's New Year's eve. Anyone feeling anxious already? 😉 Although most people consider the 1st of January to be the start of new beginnings, for me, September was always that month. You get to charge your battery during a long summer vacation and then it's time for fresh books and other … Continue reading September Doodles

The little things in life

After a long  and stressful day, I didn't think anything could cheer me up. Not even Jasper who tried with some comforting words. We were driving towards home. I stared out the window and that's when I saw him. The cutest thing: a puggy dribbling down the street. If you know me the slightest bit, … Continue reading The little things in life

Is coffee your cup of tea?

Some of you might have noticed I have been quite active on the blogosphere lately. I have too much time lately 😉 But tomorrow we are flying to Denmark to look at some apartments. I won't be bringing my laptop, so you get a little break from me 😉 I will be leaving you with … Continue reading Is coffee your cup of tea?

How anonymous would you like to be?

Technically, if you suddenly decide to take a day off, your manager is not allowed to ask you for the reason. They do have to approve it, so there will always some sort of awkwardness. Sometimes it a simple "my best friend is going to get married" or "family thing". But if you take a … Continue reading How anonymous would you like to be?

About compliments

Some words have different meanings. The first time I realized the other meaning of "pretty" was when someone told me I was "pretty smart". "Pretty AND smart?", I joked He winked. Compliments. I always hope to receive one every now and then. But then when I do, they make me uncomfortable. I start blushing. Should I … Continue reading About compliments

In case you plan to correct people

YouTuber 1: It's OK becuase it's modern music YouTuber 2: you mean: because* YouTuber 1: I dont need you to correct me!! Youtube 2: don't*. I do when its wrong. I only want to teach you.  Me: You mean, it's* How often do you feel the need to correct others when they are wrong? In the case … Continue reading In case you plan to correct people

About emails

On my first workday ever, my colleague advised me to keep my email open at all times. I gave her a peculiar look. This made no sense. I checked my personal email maybe twice a week. Who would be sending me all these emails? Well well well. How young and innocent I was. 😉 I … Continue reading About emails

Views vs. Likes

Lately I have noticed quite some difference in the views versus likes. I wonder if people randomly clicked on my post. Or they do read it,  but they don't enjoy my post at all. We always assume people like without reading. But this the opposite. I also have to do some self reflection here. Due … Continue reading Views vs. Likes

About Hypocrisy and speed limits

Every morning I drive to work, I have to take this one annoying road. It's about 5 km long. The speed limit is 70km/h. This is hardly a matter of safety. The town who borders the road is populated by rich people. They simply didn't like the sound of speeding cars and payed a lot … Continue reading About Hypocrisy and speed limits

Do you like change?

Many people claim to be extremely liberal. The are open to new ideas. They are open for change. This always makes me a little skeptical. Even if I neglect all the political views. I remember the day a new girl stepped into the primary school I was in. Her family moved from 20 km to … Continue reading Do you like change?

Why are some bloggers more successful than others?

There are couple of bloggers on WordPress which I consider to be the big names. They have numbers of which I could only dream of. So, I have been trying to analyze them. What makes them so much more "successful" in the blogging world than me? The first measurement to take is of course on … Continue reading Why are some bloggers more successful than others?

Was the view worth the climb? (Rescheduled post 10-2017)

We were out in the nature yesterday. One of the attractions was a lookout point which promised an amazing view over the entire park. However, to get there, you had climb up a quite steady, steep hill. For someone who didn't exercise for 1 year this might be a challenge. Not to mention a warm … Continue reading Was the view worth the climb? (Rescheduled post 10-2017)

Yesterday in pictures

I was at store yesterday where there was a "Valentino bag collection". I couldn't resist to not include our little Skeptical Valentino: Then I went to the beach. I looked down and thought to myself "So many stones", but later I found out it where Jelly Fish! As I walked a bit more, I saw … Continue reading Yesterday in pictures

Which animal has the cutest (love) story?

Lately both Jasper and I have been into nature series. "One of the reason I like you is because you like animals", he said. My heart melted a bit. But also because of all the cute animal (love) stories! Here are a couple of them. If you know more, let me know! PenguinsIf you have watched … Continue reading Which animal has the cutest (love) story?

Sunday Evening vs. Monday Morning

Sunday evening I know we're not all living in the time zone, but here in Europe, the Sunday evening feelings started to creep in "earlier". I enjoyed a  rainy weekend with a new Netflix series, Doodling, blogging, listening to LPs and cooking. Perfection itself. Until realization has decided to kick in. Prepare your lunchbox. Make … Continue reading Sunday Evening vs. Monday Morning

Fall Doodles

Today I am going to make the first Pumpkin soup since a long time! I am super excited to feel a bit of cold and smell candles in the store. I totally get a Fall feeling 🙂 With this new inspiration, I have created some new doodles In order to purchase them on Pillows, Greeting … Continue reading Fall Doodles

Forgiveness (rescheduled post 09-2017)

"Forgiveness means no more feeling the need to take revenge". "Forgiveness means closure" . They say. So what does that entail? That you will be able to tightly hug the "enemy"? I have been bullied, made fun for as long as I can remember. However, since things are going quite well, one could say I … Continue reading Forgiveness (rescheduled post 09-2017)

Adulthood (rescheduled post 09-2017)

Why did we as a child felt a desperate need to become an adult? Why do adults even wants us to become grown ups at a young age? Probably the first gift a girl receives is a doll, so she can play "mommy mommy" with her friends. I am drowning in embarrassment thinking back of … Continue reading Adulthood (rescheduled post 09-2017)

Smoker’s interaction (rescheduled post 09/2017)

Both my parents used to smoke for different reasons. My dad just wanted to be part of the cool kids. My mum started smoking when she started working. Smoking breaks were not deducted from the 8 hour working day, so anything for a few extra breaks. When I started high school, smart phones were not … Continue reading Smoker’s interaction (rescheduled post 09/2017)

Feminism (rescheduled post 08/2018)

For years women have been underestimated. Luckily some strong females have improved a lot for us living in the 21st century. Yet, still on today's days, women get paid less, don't get to management positions as easy and are expected to stay home when children "suddenly" pop-up. But, is it really only men who are … Continue reading Feminism (rescheduled post 08/2018)

What prevents you from experimenting in life?

A teacher once advised to make changes every five years. That's what he did anyway. Change your job. Change the area you life in. Change your diet. Change your hobby. I checked out his LinkedIn and guess what? He is still in the same position as when I first met him, 11 years ago. Interesting! … Continue reading What prevents you from experimenting in life?

I am out of excuses

If we'd live in a Pinocchio world, someone's lying would be easy to detect. Unfortunately, unless you had CIA training, it might get difficult to reveal a good actor. However some people claim that body language can tell a lot. I do want to say, I'm not a big believer of this. If you see … Continue reading I am out of excuses

About Community Pool

I grew up as the shy kid who never really talked much. Partly because I'm just not designed that way. But also because we moved to a new country and quite frankly, I was struggling with the language. Luckily the latter was fixed, but after years of being mainly quiet, people didn't really feel like … Continue reading About Community Pool

Sponsored content

Whenever I see disclaimer "This post / video is sponsored", I'm crying internally. Why would one even NEED to write this? Like you, with your regular 9 to 5, are not completely sponsored! Each "all employee meeting" starts with the CEO saying that we have to proud of our product and to be able to work for … Continue reading Sponsored content

How showing “weakness” brought me closer to my goal

As some of you know, I am a team lead of Technical Writing department. Basically we write step by step procedures of how to perform certain work on the machine. Each step, must be signed off within the document. The end users, our technicians, are NOT AT ALL happy with this documentation. "Don't you trust … Continue reading How showing “weakness” brought me closer to my goal

Who are we actually trying to fool?

A couple of weeks back, Jasper and I went out for dinner. We enjoyed the food, drinks, music, each other and the atmosphere. My eye caught a family sitting near us. Everyone was there: parents, grandparents, young child. The young one was surround by four camera's, capturing his every move. It would be easy to … Continue reading Who are we actually trying to fool?

An Ancient Quote tale

I grew up in a small, quiet town. Shops and schools were all nearby. This was a feeling of reassurance for my parents. Anxiety hit them when I finished my 3rd year of high school. This meant that I had transfer, because this small town didn't offer the entire program. I didn't have much contribution … Continue reading An Ancient Quote tale

What’s one year in a life time

I was 20 when I left to Denmark to work for a large multinational. Lord knows how I convinced the manager to hire me, because my English was EXTREMELY basic. Only one year before, I got a 4 out of 10 for my English oral exam which was a HUGE FAIL. I remember being dazzled … Continue reading What’s one year in a life time

Season change

Lately I have been getting a lot of promotion emails from clothing companies. Usually I dislike that spam. But right now, what it says is making me very happy! Check out our Fall collection! As you all know, I really don't like summer for various reason. But after summer comes Fall and I am really … Continue reading Season change

Pet names

"Hey babe, can you just pick up some milk after work?" My colleague smirked. "Calling private with the work phone?". Oops. Yes. I guess I do 😉 The colleague and I spend quite some time together due to sharing the office. And therefore got the point that we refer to our partners with the actual name. … Continue reading Pet names

Stuffed Pepper

Finally the time has come for your vacation. You've worked hard all year. Took all the bullshit at work. Now all you want to do is eat, sleep, soak up the sun, take a refreshing swim and avoid anyone. But what we might forget is that for some people this season is the only time … Continue reading Stuffed Pepper

Taking blogging to the next level

My dad was proud when I followed his footsteps in the Electrical Engineering field. But he also told me that was just something I could always depend on. "Promise me to also explore your creative side", he said. For many years I have broken that promise. Although my career started off pretty amazing and I was … Continue reading Taking blogging to the next level

A trip down to memory lane

One of the first early memories I have was when I was about 4 years old. Every morning we went for a walk in the park. One, because a little exercise is  healthy. Two, because it was surrounded by pigeons. The way they walked always made me laugh. But there was one in particular I … Continue reading A trip down to memory lane

Should you tell others about your illness?

I read this news post this morning. It's about a man who was diagnosed with HIV. Take a moment to think about it. He also had hemophilia, a disorder that made him bleed and bruise much more than it should. A home treatment of simple injection of blood was the solution. But unfortunately that blood … Continue reading Should you tell others about your illness?

Say it with a card

Living in the digital era certainly has it's perks. But it has also made us lazy or inconsiderate maybe even. I remember the excitement of getting loads of Christmas and Birthday cards when I was young. Now people would send me 10 smileys over WhatsApp or email. Sure, it still counts, but I'd like to … Continue reading Say it with a card

What do you do with comments that bother you?

For those of you who have read my previous post, you might have notice the comment diarrhea. For those who haven't, bring in the popcorn, I have made screenshots: Why I reacted in this way? This was one of those Award post and nearly first thing I wrote was for people not to write "Congrats" … Continue reading What do you do with comments that bother you?


Salary. The big elephant in the room. Do you talk about it? Do your colleagues know? Do your friends know? Does your partner even know? I once had dinner with 2 co-workers for work purposes. When the bill came, we looked nervously at each other. The general rule of the company is that the highest … Continue reading Salary


Get a "Niche". I dislike this word so much, you cannot even imagine. It is always promoted as "the best" blogging advice. Even when I contacted the support group for my t-shirt website and asked them why I am not selling any apparel, they answer with "you don't seem to have a clear niche". UGH. It … Continue reading Niches

Fable or Fact

I'm having a major popstar moment 😉 In this blog I am going to discuss some of the prejudices people have been having about me. Are they true, or not? She is from a large city"Where are you from" is one of the most difficult question to answer. Do you mean where I was born, where … Continue reading Fable or Fact

One year of blogging!

A little more over a year ago, I deleted all my Social Media accounts. There were too many people I didn't want to be reminded of. Although it seemed like the best decision ever, I did miss platform where I could let go of my frustration, show my creative side or share some funny occasions. … Continue reading One year of blogging!

So you want to travel for work?

Doesn't it sound like a dream? You get paid to travel. Sure, you have to spend 8 hours in the office. But you get to stay in fabulous hotels, visit the places Tripadvisor suggests and get to eat in different restaurants. But really, is it all that wonderful? I just got back from a 4 … Continue reading So you want to travel for work?

How do you deal with stress?

One of the (annoying) interview questions I'm always being asked. In my early days I'd lie with a "I'm not a 9 to 5 person" or "Pressure gives me energy to perform better". After some self reflection I decided to give them my advice to avoid employees being stressed with a "I believe good communication and planning can reduce … Continue reading How do you deal with stress?

Whose fault is it actually?

I'm back to binge watching "Project Runway". A show where 10 clothing designers are in the race of winning a fashion fund. For each challenge they get a bunch of money to buy fabrics at a high quality store. Yet, some critics from the judges would contain "And what's with that fabric, it just looks terrible!". … Continue reading Whose fault is it actually?