Reliving the youth “trauma”

In my post When adults don’t think about consequences I talk about the hell of my youthful years: Sports day. This event was many more times traumatic in the Summer than the Winter. As soon as the Dutch temperature would hit above 22 degrees, school would make sure we could spend a day at the swimming pool. … Continue reading Reliving the youth “trauma”

3 years

3 years ago was on a Friday. I had a day off. I barely ate a cracker that day. I had changed clothes 5 times only to get back into what I originally planned. I checked time with each minute it past. And then finally, the doorbell rang. That day changed both our lives for … Continue reading 3 years

Mystery Blogger Award!

Julie nominated me again for an award and I am really enjoying them! So obviously thanks! Please feel free to participate as well if you like! But for those I have nominated, it's of course not mandatory 🙂 Julie's Questions: Do you like classic art or modern art and why? None. If I think of Classic … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award!

What you seem on the outside vs. what you really are on the inside.

We "always" talk about people with a  "strong shell, but are a softie inside". You might have guessed, I'm the opposite. You'd see me crying. You'd see me breaking down, falling on my knees,. You'd hear me whine. But I'm so damn tough on the inside. I simply can't give up. I can't lay down … Continue reading What you seem on the outside vs. what you really are on the inside.

Clothes make the (wo)man and being yourself

Whenever I'm traveling for work, the term "business trip" seems so overrated. Mainly because what I am really going to do is talk about to equally nerdy colleagues about electricity and stuff, on a site location far away from any kind of civilization. But the people at the airport don't know that. So there's my … Continue reading Clothes make the (wo)man and being yourself

Liebster Award

I was nominated by Julie for the Liebster Award. Check out her blog. She is recently doing amazing with her weight loss adventure, owning her business and writing entertaining blog. Also, if you're interested in the Keto diet, I think she will be able to help you out a lot! Off we go! 10 Facts about … Continue reading Liebster Award

Things I did differently when I was single

Have you ever been told by a friend how boring you have become now that you are in a relationship? No more partying. No more late night phone calls. No more chasing good looking (wo)men. As much as we hate admit it, there might a be a sense of truth in it. On Saturday night, … Continue reading Things I did differently when I was single


The taxi driver was on his last shift and he drove like that too. Thank you whoever created seat belts. But I did see the large letters when we drove by a church: Jesus died for our sins It took me back to my childhood. Growing up with religious parents, this statement has been half … Continue reading Guilt

Are you passionate about the field of business you work for?

Inspiration for today's blog is Goldie's last post: The blog talks about how much amount right of speech employees should have when they don't agree with the company they work for. On one hand we are all entitled to our opinion. On the other hand, in a time where finding a job isn't particularly … Continue reading Are you passionate about the field of business you work for?

Entertainer Blogger Award

Thank you Georgiemoon for tagging me in the Entertainer Blogger Award! I've been recently enjoying these and I'm happy to start answering your questions right away! 🙂 Her Questions:   Why did you start blogging in the first place? World domination 😉 I have said it before, I intended to get rich. I honestly thought it … Continue reading Entertainer Blogger Award

Did movies/series influence your career choice?

I grew up with a dad who is a  Legal Drama addict. After watching Kramer vs. Kramer, I was too. During our daily walk and talk in the nature, we dreamed about how cool it would be to fight for someone's right while wearing a slick suit. Yes, we. Somewhere deep down I felt that dad had … Continue reading Did movies/series influence your career choice?

About pride

My mum grew up on a farm in a small village, somewhere hidden in the woods of Bosnia. According to her own story, she had to walk every day 20 km to school. On her way there she would meet black bears and dangerous snakes. While I have a hard time believing exactly that, I … Continue reading About pride


Today I got to know something which is giving me a tiny bit of hope. Hope that the future will be better. That there actually could be a future. A nice one, potentially. Hope that for once and for all I can cut of the demons from the past. Or at least, forget about them … Continue reading Hope

The blog I initially intended to make

Is your current blog your first blog? Is your current blog also the first concept you had in mind for a blog? The first idea I had for my blog was very different from all the melodramatic stories I'm currently writing. I lived a very different back then. I was social and interacted a lot … Continue reading The blog I initially intended to make

Inspiration provided by you (doodles)

Some time back I asked if you guys could help me with finding inspiration for my doodles. (In case you needed motivation and want to give me inspiration) I absolutely loved the suggestion, but they weren't all that easy. Somehow I managed to make 3 of them! Love Lemon Suggestion by: Creation: Perky Coffee … Continue reading Inspiration provided by you (doodles)

Being the bigger person

In my post Mystery Award I mentioned that I recently felt insulted by a waitress. It was during another warm day on our vacation in Greece. We decided to not go to the beach since we were both nearing a sunburn. We walked around for a bit. Looked around in the gift shop. When boredom started to … Continue reading Being the bigger person

Online dating

So you're getting older. You have decided you want to settle down outside of the city center. Where everything is quieter. You have decided you want to build up a career. Weekends have become precious. Late nights at the club or pub are no longer part of your agenda. Sleeping before it gets dark, is. … Continue reading Online dating

How to grow your hair faster

Have you ever sat down at a hair dresser's chair a half way through the session the only thing you think of "What is the magic spell to grow my hair back?". If you haven't or think you never have will, this blog might not be for you. Throughout life I have many hair decisions I … Continue reading How to grow your hair faster

In case you needed motivation and want to give me inspiration

Welcome to my new doodle: Optimistic Cloud. As some of you know, I am drawing these kind of Doodles for some time now. The post where they are all presented: What’s your mood today? This was the newest addition this morning, but lately I have been really lacking in inspiration. Some time back I was suggested … Continue reading In case you needed motivation and want to give me inspiration

Mystery Award

I promised that I would these awards as soon as possible, so here I go! Floating Gold  has nominated me, who always comes up with the most diverse topics who are thought provoking too! So go follow the blog! 5 things about me: I drive an Opel Corsa. It's an automatic. My favorite type of jewelry … Continue reading Mystery Award

About OCD

"I like to have my book shelf organized from the largest to the smallest book. I must have OCD - LOOOOOOOOOOL" "OCD has nothing to do with mental health. Besides everyone has a bit OCD because in the end, we all need a routine in life". Hearing statement likes, and unfortunately I do too often, … Continue reading About OCD

Get to know me – questions

Are you named after anyone? No, but here are some fun facts: My parents had 3 names in mind for me: Anita, Monika and Andrea. If I were a boy, I would be called Leonardo. I guess they had a thing for Italian male names 😉 When was the last time you cried? Lately I … Continue reading Get to know me – questions

Bullying and Your Role as a Parent

Looking back at my youth, there are many things I wish I had the courage to do differently. There are many things I wished my parents handled in a different way as well. But how can I blame them. Parenting class 101 doesn't exist. They didn't have the resource of internet to seek advice on. … Continue reading Bullying and Your Role as a Parent

How do you deal with reality after a vacation?

So you're finally going on that vacation you've been waiting for so long. You try to finish your work as good as you can. You make sure you leave your home clean. You survive that last bit of stress at the airport. Until it's time to get that tan, read those books and spend time … Continue reading How do you deal with reality after a vacation?

So I say, Thank you for the music

I remember the first day time we discovered YouTube at home. Something that seems so normal now, was an excited moment 13 years ago. One of the first songs my dad looked up was one of the BeeGees. A large smile appeared on his face. It was hard to believe that my dad once was … Continue reading So I say, Thank you for the music

Parent’s day

Confession: I totally forgot about mother's day. I only realised it when I got a disappointed text from my mum. And then saw all the sweet posts of you guys, talking about your own mum. I used to be that kind of child who asked for a lot of love from my parents, but also … Continue reading Parent’s day

Female empowerment

"I'm not your toy. You stupid boy". This is what one of the favorites of the EuroSong Contest sings about. She is praised for the song, which I agree because it's fun and uplifting. Her diversity, which is not completely my style but oh well. But also for the strong message is sending. Calling men … Continue reading Female empowerment


I am currently sitting at a temporary site office. It's 26 degrees Celsius outside and probably 36 degrees inside.. There is one fan which makes an awful lot of noise but barely provides any air. In about a minute I will most likely evaporate. I look around. Most colleagues have put on summer clothing. Some … Continue reading Summerbodies

Good looking people

"She was here last week", he told me, "I was doing a job interview with a potential candidate. She walked by and I couldn't stop myself from looking at her long, gorgeous legs. The candidate grinned and he looked as well". I felt a weird feeling of jealousy. I know she will in the office tomorrow. I … Continue reading Good looking people

What is your favorite type of breakfast?

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If I get the chance to take my time, it's also the most enjoyable one for me! Unfortunately that is not during the work week. Especially when we have visitors, I like create an extended breakfast. Different types of cheese and bread, eggs, veggies, … Continue reading What is your favorite type of breakfast?

Let your personality shine! …. through an online personality test

"Experts"  say it takes 7 seconds to make a first impression. In those 7 seconds the other person will judge you on your facial expression, clothes, handshake, hair, shoes and the way you talk and walk. While I think that is completely and utterly BULLSHIT, I rather believe this than what seems to be becoming … Continue reading Let your personality shine! …. through an online personality test

Mysterious Award

I think it's actually called "Mystery Award" 😉 About The Award: This is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and … Continue reading Mysterious Award

Defending others vs. defending yourself.

I can't stand injustice. When I see it, I can't stop myself from interfering. Whether it's bullying at school, a mean comment at work or someone trying to force their way to the front of the queue. Suddenly my body and mind are supplied with an unexpected form of bravery. I stand up tall and … Continue reading Defending others vs. defending yourself.

Your Personality vs. your favorite dog breed.

There are two types of people when it comes to choosing a dog: 1. Those that always had a strong desire to own on particular breed 2. Those that go to an animal shelter and choose the one that steals their heart Which type are you? As a child I was once attacked by a … Continue reading Your Personality vs. your favorite dog breed.

3 days, 3 quotes: DAY 3

Last day of the challenge! And then I will have to find my own topics again. I find it a large benefit with these awards & challenges; the topics are already pre-defined. For this particular challenge, I have collected quotes which I have found in my house. Check it out: Day 1 Day 2 For … Continue reading 3 days, 3 quotes: DAY 3

3 days, 3 quotes: DAY 2

Continuing with the 3 day, 3 quotes challenge, we have arrived at Day 2. As said before, I am trying to collect quotes which I find in my house. Check out the 1st quote. This one is from a shampoo I like to use. I can seriously recommend this one if your hair needs a … Continue reading 3 days, 3 quotes: DAY 2

3 days, 3 quotes: DAY 1

I was nominated by the wonderful Laktrabff for the 3 days, 3 quotes challenge. Many thanks for that! I always appreciate when someone remembers me! This particular challenge is very difficult for me, because as I have already explained in my blog “Shit” people say I am quite a bit against these standard quotes everyone is using because some … Continue reading 3 days, 3 quotes: DAY 1


When I was slowly turning into young adult, my mom told me "Soon you'll be developing your own traditions, but don't forget about those we have developed as a family". The last part of the sentence sounded somewhat sad, like she knew what what would happen. I ensured that I would never miss Christmas Eve … Continue reading Traditions

Listen before judging

So you bought your new piece of equipment. Anything from a coffee machine to a new gameboy. Exciting! You throw out the styrofoam. You flatten the box. And completely neglect the little book of instructions. Beause: Ain't nobody got time for that! Till the point that something is wrong with your new equipment. You spend … Continue reading Listen before judging

Morning Routine

Let me tell you about my morning routine! I like to wake up early, so I make sure that my day can be productive. Soooo, the alarm goes off at 08:00.  Before I go out of bed, I first like to read all your lovely emails, messages on facebook and tags of me looking all … Continue reading Morning Routine

What’s your mood today?

Someone recommended me to download the Aura app. So I did. The first question you get asked is "How are you feeling?". I'm glad someone's interested 😉 For the past half a year I have been working on my Doodle Dudes. Each with their own mood or emotion: Let me introduce them to you: Hopeful … Continue reading What’s your mood today?

The reliable employee

Some time ago I erased the LinkedIn profile which I have been having for a good amount years. I made a new profile. New picture. New tag words. Also a new opportunity to be selective about adding contacts. I looked through the suggested people. Former colleagues appeared. It drove me back to memory lane. The … Continue reading The reliable employee

Self love

When I was bullied in school, the teachers didn't know how to handle the situation. So, they did what anyone else does. They called in the expertise of an "expert": The school psychologist. Suddenly I was the one who needed the professional help in social skills and situation handling. Not the assholes who actually did … Continue reading Self love

If money was no issue, would you stick to your 9 to 5?

A.k.a. Was any of your jobs you had, your passion? Of all the office jobs I could imagine, I did have jobs which I consider as the most ideal office jobs. The topics, Training and Electrical Safety, are definitely my "work passions". But if money was no issue, would I give up these "passions"? Immediately. … Continue reading If money was no issue, would you stick to your 9 to 5?


Let's talk a bit about humor on April's Fools Day. Is this a day you fear because some might put salt in your coffee instead of sugar? Or is this your time to shine as the joker and pull all the pranks? There are different types of humor. Some use humor as a defense mechanism … Continue reading Humor

About me, Blog name and Tag line.

How often do you read someone's "About Me" page? I was very keen on this in the beginning, but I noticed a lot people who didn't even write one. Then I figured it was easier to get to know people through their posts and read them in the WordPress format. I'm wondering how many people … Continue reading About me, Blog name and Tag line.

An ode to Blankets

One of my former managers has been a ambulance worker for 20 years. He told some scary stories but also about how rewarding the job was. I asked him about the things I needed to undertake in case I see someone falling to the ground. He advised: 1. Give CPR if needed 2. Call an … Continue reading An ode to Blankets

How I got to 1000 followers – the honest story

I'm not going to lie, I have been wanting to write this post ever since I started. Blogging has been fun, although I did encounter some frustration here and there. Unlike some of you, I actually do care about likes and followers. For a large amount of my life nobody has been interested in talking … Continue reading How I got to 1000 followers – the honest story

Are you happy?

A colleague brought the topic of happiness to the table during lunch. The newspaper stated that morning that 9 out of 10 Dutch people feel happy. There were exactly 10 of us in the canteen, so she quickly concluded that one of us is unhappy. We did an around the table. Everyone confirmed their happiness. … Continue reading Are you happy?